#1 AshleyMadison

This site is specific for those seeking affairs or discretion. There are women of all ages looking to get laid without anyone else knowing. At first, this sounded too good to be true. Then the site got hacked 3 years ago. Now, fast forward to the present. Women, real women, are on the site again. I guess seeing all those celebrities, congressmen, lawyers, and men with money on Ashley Madison got these women all wet again. The trick I've found is to play your role. You're a successful guy who needs 100% full discretion. If you can convince her of that, she's in. Most women will trade in discretion for access to money. You can start having a field day here.

#2 CougarLife

Ask a guy "Do you know the difference between a MILF & a Cougar?" - his answer is no. Ask a woman - you'll get a different reply. The concept of cougars have been around forever. Thing is, I've found the sweet spot of cougars to be mid 30s to mid 40s. Reason being is simple, these women grew up with the term cougars when they were first fucking guys in their teens & 20s. While these women would never classify themselves as a dirty MILF, they will stick fuck you like crazy as a mainstream cougar. The trick with Cougar Life is to keep your female searches under 45.
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